Come, play your part in the tyranny of democracy!

Dear fellow boot-licking slaves and herbivores,

Tue 18 March, Ashland Oregon:  City Council Chambers

Please, beg your master for the night off so that you can come and plead to your democratically elected (and appointed ~ Pam Marsh!) rulers, to deny others their natural – inalienable – human – civil – rights.  Come, join the frenzy, and demand an ineffectual response to a problem that does not exist.

We have an agenda to drive; like so:

Guns are bad, children , community values, and kittens.

You say’ Rightful Liberty’, I say ‘baa lamb soft!’

You say ‘Constitution’, I say ‘oooh, domestic!’

You say ‘love’, I say ‘fear control’.

Show up, in your ignorance, and hatefully and wistfully persecute others you are intolerant of – through coercive threat of violent retribution!

Best wishes, etc

Citizens for a safe Ashland!

It’s for the children! Honest, no… really!

REALLY safe!

I speak as a business owner, resident, parent of young child.


Introducing a new public safety concern group:  ‘Citizens for a REALLY safe Ashland’

Representing well over 30 resident citizens, and given the current vogue for citizen introduced reasonable and common sense ordinances, ‘Citizens for a REALLY safe Ashland’ want to capitalize on the desire to act in a “timely manner” (or even in a knee-jerk expedited manner) to introduce a comprehensive public safety ordinance that – whilst perhaps not actually addressing any genuine or legitimate issues – does serve to promote a divisive partisan agenda!

Why, we ask, must we settle for merely copying other municipalities poorly thought out, ineffective and unenforceable ordinances when we can craft our own!

European countries are light years ahead, indeed a recent study by the esteemed British Medical Journal proposes banning all kitchen knives over 4” long – because the people would be safer.

Our proposed ordinance, currently being hastily drafted by our team, will seek to

1.  Regulate the public visibility of, and

2.  Seek to punish those that allow minors access to, the following potentially dangerous, often unfamiliar, and in some instances outright scary items:

(i) Knives
(ii) Chainsaws
(iii) Power-tools
(iv) Hammers
(v) Ladders
(vi) Bath tubs

(vii) Swimming Pools
(viii) Car keys
(ix) Alcohol
(x) Prescription and non prescription medication

That this proposed ordinance will be ineffective, and a solution to a problem that does not exist is not of great importance.  What matters is making a statement about “community values”.

And, Remember! This council does not fear litigation.

We can’t ever be too safe, can we.  It’s for the sake of the children, and we – and they – have to be protected from ourselves.

There will of course have to be exceptions for police officers, and other people with government issued permits.

We will email our draft ordinance to you all later in the week, and hope that at least one of you is willing to be as outspoken and enthusiastic as Councilor Voison has recently been.  As she said last night – you as a council “have to make a decision, you have to act in a timely manner”.  Our ordinance will “not propose to take the dangerous items from law abiding citizens”.  Such grass roots ordinances are inherently meritous, and anything we can do to give ourselves a false sense of security and that allows us to proclaim things like “protect our children” and “enhance public safety”, must be right.  Right?

Evidently concepts such as absolute inalienable rights, liberty, and personal responsibility are old-fashioned, outmoded, and frankly quite scary!

To conclude, I hope all council members fully appreciate the genuine and heartfelt concerns that ‘Citizens for a REALLY safe Ashland’ bring before you – our representatives, oath bound to first and foremost uphold our constitutions.

Thank you for your service & your attention.

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